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Lex250 Commission


The Lex250 Commission was established by the Lexington Select Board to make recommendations and coordinate activities that celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington – the first battle of the American Revolution – and other events related to the founding of our country.

Contact Info

For questions, email the commission or call (781) 698-4580.

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Minutes & Agendas

Commission Members

  • Suzie Barry, Chair, Government Relations
  • Cleveland Coats, Jr., Security
  • Tom Colatosti, Fundraising
  • Steve Conners, Reenactor Community Representative
  • Barry Cunha, Logistics
  • Bebe Fallick, Permanent Memorial
  • Jane Hundley, Education
  • Cerise Jalelian, Hospitality
  • Doug Lucente, Select Board Member
  • Bridger McGaw, Transportation
  • Noah Michelson, Clerk & Merchandising
  • Julie O’Leary, Volunteers
  • Paul O’Shaughnessy, History & Literature
  • Ashley Rooney, Publicity
  • John Rossi, Commission on Disability Liaison
  • Mona Roy, Vice Chair & Community Partners
  • Jillian Tung, M.D., M.P.H, Music & Arts
The Lex250 Committee.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Lexington’s public elementary and middle schools are named after patriots who fought on the Lexington Green that fateful day of April 19, 1775.