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298 Days to Go

🌟 Today, we proudly spotlight the Town Counsel Team from Anderson & Kreiger LLP as our #CalendarKeepers for the #CountdownTo250! 📆✨

Our dedicated Town Counsel Team plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth governance and legal integrity of Lexington. They provide invaluable legal guidance and support to the town’s officials, helping navigate complex legal landscapes and make informed decisions that benefit our community.

We are also honored to have former Town Counsel during the bicentennial, Norman Cohen, included in today’s photo. Norman’s legacy continues to inspire our current team as we approach this historic milestone.

Join us in celebrating the hardworking members of the Town Counsel Team. Their expertise and commitment are essential to our town’s success. 💙🏛️ #Lex250 #TownCounsel #CommunitySupport