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309 Days to Go

🌟 Today, we proudly spotlight Indian Seniors of Lexington (ISL) as our #CalendarKeepers for the #CountdownTo250! 📆✨

ISL is a vibrant and inclusive community group, uniting seniors from diverse linguistic and regional backgrounds from across the Indian subcontinent, who have made Lexington their home. ISL fosters a warm and supportive environment where members can socialize, celebrate their rich cultural heritage, and partake in traditional festivals. Beyond cultural enrichment, ISL also embraces the values, culture, and freedoms of their adopted country, encouraging full integration and participation in the broader Lexington community. 🇮🇳🇺🇸

ISL takes pride in being part of this historic town, where the dawn of a new era of freedom and equality was first witnessed by the world. Through its activities, ISL not only strengthens bonds within the Indian senior community but also builds bridges with other communities in Lexington, promoting unity and mutual respect. 🌟💙

Join us in celebrating ISL and their remarkable contributions to our community! #Lex250 #Desi #IndianSeniors #CommunityUnity #CulturalHeritage