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328 Days to Go

🌟 Today, we are delighted to spotlight the Girl Scouts as our #CalendarKeepers for the #CountdownTo250! 📆✨ The Girl Scouts have a long and proud history of empowering young girls to become leaders, innovators, and changemakers in their communities and beyond. 🌟👧💪

Through a variety of programs and activities, the Girl Scouts teach essential life skills, promote community service, and inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity. From earning badges to engaging in STEM projects, outdoor adventures, and community service initiatives, the Girl Scouts build confidence and character in every girl they serve. 🏕️🔬🎨

Thank you, Girl Scouts, for your incredible contributions and for inspiring the next generation of leaders. Together, we’re creating a brighter, more inclusive future. 🌟💙 #Lex250 #GirlScouts #CommunityLeadership #Empowerment #FutureLeaders