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330 Days to Go

🌟 Today, we are thrilled to spotlight Clarke Middle School’s Ted-Ed Club as our #CalendarKeepers for the #CountdownTo250! 📆✨ These kids embody the spirit of “Be the change that you seek!” 🗣️🌍

Lead by Ms. Banerjee, the TED-Ed Student Talks afterschool club empowers students to identify, develop, and share their ideas with each other and the world. This initiative nurtures young minds, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and the confidence to voice their visions for the future. 💡🌟

These future leaders will present their visionary ideas to peers, educators and community members in June. Their presentations promise to inspire and ignite meaningful conversations within our community. 🎤✨

Let’s celebrate and support the Clarke Middle School Ted-Ed Club for their dedication to making a difference and shaping a brighter future! Thank you for your commitment to innovation and change. 🌟💙 #Lex250 #StudentVoices #InnovationInEducation #InspiringFutureLeaders